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Posted by TFOCB Studios on Jun 28, 2022 8:00:00 AM

What started as a way to promote his high school band, turned into a career in creative design for Tim Fullerton. Now the CEO and Founder of FYD, a boutique digital marketing agency, Tim shares how he was led into a craft that helps businesses build brands. 

CEO Roundtable | Guest Episode | Tim Fullerton

Tim has always had a passion for music, so when he formed a band in high school he took it upon himself to create a website. 

"When it came to high school the internet was kind of picking up and we needed a website. I was like ‘I love design stuff and Photoshop, and I can figure this out.’ So that's where the whole career really originated was developing that website for the band.”

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Given his passion for music, Tim found himself working on the Firefly music festival account, for the company he worked for before starting FYD. He shares how he was able to quickly pivot at a time when that company went through a major transition. 

“In June, 2015, I was working at an events company, the one that did, the Firefly music festival, and they laid off 33% of their staff and I made the cut. That was one of those things where I had about a month that I can afford to try and really go for this. I think I set up one job interview after that, and that was it.

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And I just went full blast, full tilt, becauseI already had a portfolio of freelance clients that I'd already worked with. I had people that I was contracting out to that I'd been working with for quite a while.

I had something kind of established there, but it was just one of those things where like “How do we just really move this thing forward?’”

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Tune in to hear more on Tim’s story and how he’s managed to build a successful brand and company culture for FYD.



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