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Posted by TFOCB Studios on November 2, 2022 8:00:00 AM CDT

A Dental Assistant and Dental office manager for 17 years, it wasn’t until the office she managed was bought out that it pushed Amber Green to pursue her passion of photography as a profession. Now working full time as a Digital Storyteller and Photojournalist, she shares her inspirational story of finding her purpose through art.  

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A single mom at the time, Amber recalls the series of events that pushed her to pursue photography professionally. 

I believe everybody was gifted with an assignment, almost like I think of as if you go to a village, in any country, any town you have the Potter, the baker, the locksmith. I believe my assignment., through the gift of photography, is to tell stories. Real unedited, uncut stories of everyday people, everyday events, everyday lives.

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I always had the gift for art, but I didn't actualize it until seven years ago. The dental practice I was working at was bought out. The new owners cut my hours in half, because I was the highest paid. At the time, being a single mother and having a toddler, it just devastated me. I went home in tears, sat on my couch.”

From there, she says, it was a Kodak commercial that would inspire her to pursue photography. Not knowing where to begin, she searched the internet for classes to take or schools to attend.

Not finding what she was looking for, Amber took it upon herself to learn her camera first. From there, it would take her down a path of self discovery. 

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“I started Googling my camera, just Googling YouTube different ways of using it. And then I went into the streets of Chicago and I just started taking photos. I was just posting on social media, random photos of trees and the lake and buildings. Then I ran across a gentleman in Hyde park. I always saw him, he knew my name and I was like,’Let me take your photo.’ 

I took the photo and asked ‘How did we get here?

When he was telling me his story, I asked if I could record it. So, I started transcribing the story and I posted his story on Facebook. And then I was going back in the streets and I started taking more photos of if you wanna call them home homeless or less fortunate.”

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From there she began photographing full time and even started teaching other women her craft, after only 18 months of learning the trade. Though always surprised and grateful for the opportunities presented to her, it’s clear that Amber’s pursuit of her purpose led to so many incredible experiences.

Tune in to hear more on how she created a name for herself as a photographer in Chicago and her views on art and people.



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