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High Minded Events | Phil Cooper

TFOCB Studios -  
17 October 2022
An event planner by trade, Phil Cooper’s designs have been featured in Town and Country Magazine, Modern Luxury Magazine, and on Windy City Live. Phil soon noted that most events ...

Cannabis Chef | Patrick McSherry

TFOCB Studios -  
24 August 2022
Patrick McSherry wasn’t born a chef. In fact, for the most part of his teenage years and his twenties, he saw himself as a painter. But this changed when he wanted to do something ...

Madeline Scanlon

TFOCB Studios -  
27 June 2022
Meet Madeline Scanlon, cannabis insights analyst and content creator. Originally from the Chicagoland are, cannabis was about to legalize as she was finishing up her master’s ...
Cultured Cannabis - dinner socials

Considering pot and food have gone together since the beginning of time, it only made sense to feature the best chefs in Chicago in our cannabis networking dinners. Pairing culinary icons with cannabis industry leaders is our approach to building community. 

cultured cannabis medical series

As countless studies have reaffirmed its benefits, medical marijuana has become available for an increasing number of conditions. But what are the conditions that medical cannabis can help alleviate or potentially cure? We'll bring you the answers to those questions and more. 

cultured cannabis engaging podcast

Whether marijuana has been a part of your life or you're new to it, you'll gain insights from the experts who are on the cutting edge of this booming industry. Cannabis professionals share information and bring you the latest surrounding the culture and consumption of pot. 

cultured cannabis thc + cbd guide

Not all cannabis is created equal. Different strains produce different effects, and thus can be used for multiple reasons. Complete with detailed descriptions; we provide accurate information to help you choose the right strain for your recreational or medical purposes. 

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