Daniel G Abrego | CEO at ACSI

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Feb 8, 2022 8:00:00 AM

On this inaugural episode of the CEO Roundtable Podcast, we’re chatting with Daniel G Abrego, CEO of ACSI Tech. Dan has been in the telecommunications business nearly 20 years, 10 of those years as CEO.

CEO Roundtable - Daniel G Abrego
As a company, ASCI provides telecommunications services to some of the biggest names in internet service. As an influential organization, it’s changing the way companies should think about their employees. 

For Dan, that thought originated out of compassion for the struggles that those in his industry are accustomed to. “Unfortunately they live check to check and if their car breaks down or something, you know, we deal with some contractors, we have our own in-house employees and I find myself offering some loans or whatnot.

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We decided to implement ACSI dream foundation and part of the goal is to teach everything about telecom from modern day technology from cryptocurrency and NFTs; for everyone of all ages.

The key component, is that unlike traditional higher education organizations, Dan hopes to be able to offer employment upon completion of their programs. And as that thought progressed, on how he could help his employees, another idea came to Dan which prompted another company to be born: Buschman Entertainment. A nickname from his drinking days, when a six pack of Busch Beer would cost only three bucks, he went with it and hasn’t looked back since. 


“If we hire you, we allow you five hours to yourself to do what you want to do and help you and spearhead that initiative, whether it be in music or other creative initiatives. So, we built a little studio in our warehouse, and my son who more recently got his degree in audio engineering will  help produce some of their music. Then, being honest with them, if we feel like they're good we'll continue that initiative. If they're the only ones that feel that they're good, then we'll say ‘Maybe you should consider something else.’”

Another component of how Dan looks out for his employees is their health and wellness. While still providing the traditional medical benefits one would come to expect, he also offers his employees something less traditional, too. 

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“If you don't, you don't prioritize the wellness of your employees. They're just not going to perform physically or mentally. What I did was offer non-traditional Eastern medicine. You can get acupuncture, massage, you want to take your kids or yourself to karate martial arts, you can do that. We bought the program and the employee is only required to pay 50%.”

Tune in to hear more on this unique approach to creating a culture that promotes creativity and wellness as a priority for its employees. 



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