Emma Lyons

Posted by TFOCB Studios on September 7, 2022 8:00:00 AM CDT

On this episode of the Evoked podcast, we sit down with artist Emma Lyons.

evoked episode - emma lyons

Originally from Indianapolis, Emma moved to Chicago 13 years ago with a passion for theater and the desire to be in a bigger city where she could experience and be involved in stage performance. 

“I grew up singing, dancing, acting, modeling. I love art, whether it is auditory or performative or visual.”

However, after moving to and falling in love with Chicago, Emma didn’t immediately begin her journey as an artist. At the time, she had so many interests and a variety of different directions that she could go in that she chose a job outside of the world of art. 

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“I don't think I was as ready to be my own entrepreneur as I thought I was. I've learned that in the visual art industry as well, like you are your own manager.

I had so many interests that I ended up being a nurse instead.”

She spent her time caring for patients and working 12 hour shifts three days a week. Exhausted and drained by her day job, it didn’t leave much opportunity to pursue art in her free time. As Emma puts it, though, “the texture in which my path went was a story that I wouldn’t redo for anything.”

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When the pandemic hit in 2020, Emma was working as an event planner. With everything shutting down and no events to be had, she turned her attention to art that didn’t require collaboration - painting. She shares how it all started with a mermaid challenge that went viral on social media. 

“I've always loved mermaids and there's a mermaid challenge that I took a list of and different personalities. And I created a mermaid off of each challenge.

I have a series that was my first painting series of 15 separate mermaids. I got an incredible reception from various friends and people were just saying, I really like this and keep doing it. And so I kept saying what calls to me and let me paint that.”

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Since then, Emma has joined the Fulton Street Collective where her studio is now located. Joining the collective has been an impetus of incredible evolution for her. She talks about the amazing artists she has met and made connections with. Emma explains, “There is no competition because there's no room to be. There's only room for growth.”

Tune into this episode of the Evoked Podcast to hear more about Emma’s story, how social media has transformed the world of art, and more about Emma’s own unique and varied style. 




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