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Posted by The Legal Network on Aug 15, 2022 8:00:00 AM

There are several paths that lead one to become a lawyer. For Alexander Loftus, Partner at Loftus and Eisenberg, it first started with pursuing a degree in Political Science.

The Legal Network | Guest Episode | Alexander Loftus

What excites him the most about defending the people is the creativity that comes with applying basic laws in interesting ways to unique cases. At Loftus and Eisenberg, they work on business litigation and class actions. As Alexander puts it, “it’s the Cadillac of litigation because it’s so complicated and it can come in so many different forms.”

“The type of work we do, everything is new and fresh and different, and the law is changing a lot. What makes it really fun and exciting is that we get to be the first to try some interesting angles. “

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In short, he sees it as a really fun game where you get to use your brain.

“I like laying traps and thinking of it that way. I get to arrange the pieces as the plaintiff's lawyer and I get to set up all the pieces on the playing board and then make it so there's nowhere for the defendant to go besides into one of the holes.”

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While many people found transitioning their work style during the pandemic challenging, for Alexander it was a blessing. An introvert, he found that he could be much more efficient with his time no longer having to drive back and forth to court appearances that often would only last 10 minutes. 

“That 10 minute interaction takes 10 minutes and it happens in my basement and it's so incredibly efficient and we can handle so much more work, because we don't have to go anywhere.

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Even with trials, it's just wonderful. We'll do trials via zoom. I could have a full trial and start at eight in the morning and be done and have dinner with the kids, which was not possible before.”

Tune in to hear more as Alexander shares more about his own legal journey, some anecdotes from trials he’s worked on and more on this episode of The Legal Network.