Andrew Hartell

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Jun 16, 2022 8:00:00 AM

On this episode of the Savvy Brokers Club, Andrew Hartell, a Senior Loan Officer with Cornerstone First Mortgage, sits down with us to talk about all things mortgage.

Savvy Brokers Club | Episode | Andrew Hartell

Andrew’s original passion was selling cars. He thought he was going to own his own car dealerships so he started selling cars after one semester of school. Throughout that journey, he became a finance manager and had an epiphany that he really didn’t like selling cars.

Looking for something different and harboring a long-time love for real estate, he decided to make a move. At the time it was between going down the real estate agent path or become a mortgage guy. Given his love of numbers and finance, the latter seemed like a natural fit. 

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Out of the gate, Andrew focused on first-time buyers. 

“I was 26 years old and I was just hustling for people my age. And now as I've evolved and grown up a little bit, I'm focusing a lot on investors because that's what I love. I love when people are just taking big pieces of the market  and really diving in themselves.I love being a part of that process.”

Throughout his career trajectory, he’s noticed similarities between selling cars and helping people buy homes. He talks about how when he sold cars, he always did better with Audio than he did with the cheaper cars. 

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“People tend to just not care much about the decisions on that process, but the bigger cars they really think it through. I got to consult and I really like educating and consulting. Sales is to me, it's not something I'm ever pushing anything on someone. If I have something that's a worthwhile product, they're going to buy it and buy it themselves. All I have to do is educate them.

So the real estate and mortgage process has been great because I get to explain one of the most complicated things for someone, to me, it's simple. So just break it down in layman's terms so that someone can understand. And then they know how to make their decision. They feel good about it.”

Guiding his clients through education is only a portion of what makes Andrew so successful. A large part of his accomplishments come from the valuable relationships he cultivates. 

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“My first several years, I built real long lasting relationships. I started finding the realtors that I've made friends with. And now some of those realtors and agents are some of my best friends.

I find people I connect with and then I try to find what sort of values I can give to them, look at their business and try to give them what I know how to improve, which recently has been social media. So it's a big value addition.”

Tune into this episode of the Savvy Brokers Club Podcast to hear more about Andrew’s story, how he treats the “competition” and more.