Sandra Keys

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Jul 14, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Sandra Keys, Loan Consultant with Loan Depot, sits down on this episode of the Savvy Brokers Club Podcast to share her story. 

Savvy Brokers Club | Episode | Sandra Keys

Sandra has been in the mortgage loan industry for 30 years. Originally from the Chicago-land area, she pursued a bachelor's degree in Florida in mortgage banking but after getting pregnant with her daughter, decided to leave school and move back home. 

“It's not like I was super focused in school but I had one class focused on the truth about lending and about the banking world. That was the class that I was so interested in, but I didn't realize that that was going to turn into a career and I didn't finish.”

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After encouragement from a friend, Sandra found a job in the mortgage industry starting out in what she refers to as “the farm.” 

“It was the shipping department. We would go super early and work overtime. It was crazy. We were working all these hours and I literally started in the shipping department with my girlfriend.”

Before she knew it, someone at the company needed a person who spoke Spanish to help translate for loan applications. 

“Then I went from the shipping department to processing, closing. He asked me to be his assistant, doing everything I was doing. It was like one step, one step. The part that I loved the most was with the people.”

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Since building her career in the mortgage industry, Sandra has become passionate about helping others, especially those that are easily taken advantage of. She tells how a realtor she worked with saw many people waiting in line to get their taxes done, many of them Hispanic, and they were being taken advantage of or no one was explaining things to them. 

“She asked me, Sandra, what do you think? What if you came in and you actually gave a seminar and started talking and just trying to help and educate people?”

Sandra did her first seminar three years ago and she’s still going strong. People are engaged and curious and she spends a lot of time answering all of the questions they have. 

“The internet sometimes gives you a lot of information, but it's confusing. It's not personal either. You can't ask questions, you can't do anything. So I love it. I will spend a whole Saturday there. I love the people and when they're asking questions it truly fills my heart.”

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A large portion of what she tries to educate adults on is how to educate and help their children and to help set them up with credit early. 

As far as her day to day job, Sandra is focused on working with people who have the same energy. It’s that work ethic that has led her to be so successful in her business and build lasting relationships. 

“We're trying to help people. They have the same values. It’s not about the transaction. It's about the person. You cannot think about a buyer as a transaction. That is a borrower. That is somebody who we're helping them to get their home.”

Hear more about Sandra’s story, her advice, and more on this episode of the Savvy Brokers Club Podcast.