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Posted by TFOCB Studios on Dec 1, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Throughout time, wine has been viewed as a sacred elixir. Even today, most people invited to a friend’s home will choose wine as their gift of choice. Not only is it delicious and pairs well with a variety of foods, it’s often used to bring together people from all backgrounds to celebrate life.

The Sommelier | Episode | Molly Matelski

Molly Matelski, co-founder of Mmmm...Just Enjoy. Wines, wanted to create a wine brand that went beyond the drink itself; she wanted her brand to promote the lifestyle of the everyday wine drinker.  

The launch only being in the last couple of months, Mmmm...Just Enjoy. Wines has already seen amazing success. 

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“We are unpretentious, inviting and colorful Italian wines, making life's moments effortlessly enjoyable. We really wanted to break away from that traditional thought of what Italian wines are and the wine industry as a whole. We really wanted to be fun and inviting.”

While the launch is recent, Molly and her business partner have been building this brand throughout the pandemic. Working with Italian producers during a pandemic had its challenges but they wanted to take their time to make sure they got it right. It’s not just about great quality for them, they’re on a mission to inspire people to enjoy the moment and embrace the Italian approach to life. 

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At the moment, their portfolio consists of a Pinot Grigio, a Prosecco, and a Rosé and have recently launched their Prosecco Rosé. All of their wines are from the Northeast of Italy about an hour away from Venice. 

“They're fairly dry, but they're fruit forward and just a touch of sweetness. So it satisfies a lot of pallets.”

Before they launched, they predicted that some of the people that would resonate with their brand are the people who enjoy various types of art. 

“We are working with DJs as well as a Chicago Blues artist and that kind of thing to bring experiences outside of the wine.”

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Being a local brand has helped them tap into the market in a big way. Molly talks about how at the pop up events where they’ve had tastings, as soon as she tells people they’re from Chicago people immediately say they have to try it.

“I do really appreciate  that aspect of Chicago. You really get the sense that people really want to support each other and they really value the hustle.“

Tune in to this episode of The Sommelier Podcast as Molly shares more about the challenges she has faced, lessons she’s learned, and the ways in which she’s redefining Italian wines to the masses.