Alicia Dale and Summer Amin: Reinventing Style and Purpose

Posted by Alicia Dale on Apr 23, 2024 8:00:00 AM

In an inspiring episode of The Style Interpreted Podcast, host Alicia Dale explores the transformative journey of Summer Amin, the visionary behind the Born Again Consignment Store. This isn't just a conversation about style and retail—it's a masterclass in navigating life's unexpected turns with grace and authenticity.

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Summer's narrative begins with her roots in Pakistan and her immigration to Texas, shedding light on the challenges of adapting to a new culture and language. Her story is one of resilience, which resonates deeply with Alicia's thoughtful questioning, highlighting the intricacies of identity and change.

One of the most compelling aspects of the discussion is Summer's decision to change her name from Shahida, a name rich with meaning but also a source of distinctiveness that often set her apart. 

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"I couldn't get past my name quickly enough in first meetings," Summer shares. This poignant reflection goes beyond personal anecdote, offering a universal lesson on self-preservation and adaptation in the face of societal expectations.

As the conversation unfolds, Alicia adeptly guides Summer through the telling of her educational and professional evolution, from studying law to acquiring an MBA, and eventually venturing into entrepreneurship.

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It's here that the listener finds actionable wisdom, particularly in Summer's strategic approach to overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities. "Define the problem for yourself and then come up with the solutions," Summer advises, a methodology that led her to create a unique space in the retail world.

Summer’s Born Again Consignment Store is not merely a shop; it's a community hub in Chicago’s Historic Printers Row, blending sustainable living with a chic aesthetic. The store offers an inclusive range of items, from men's clothing to vintage furniture, a decision rooted in Summer's deep-seated values and interests. 


Her dedication to sustainability and community involvement are palpable as she describes the space's multifunctional design, which even includes BYOB lounges for social gatherings.

Summer offers a piece of advice that encapsulates the ethos of her life's work: "Trust your gut. If you have a vision and you feel good about it, trust your gut." This simple yet powerful guidance encourages you to stay true to your instincts, especially when navigating your authentic path.