Anthony Czahor

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Dec 5, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Anthony Czahor is a Chiropractor at Universal Wellness Source Lakeshore East taking a holistic approach to healing through his passion for health and wellness. 

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Anthony’s story begins in high school, while trying to prepare himself for the upcoming freshman football season. On the recommendation of his coaches and trainers, Anthony participated in pole vaulting on his school’s track and field team. After landing incorrectly on a jump, Anthony knew he had injured himself. 

“When I landed in the pit, I couldn't breathe and I realized this is not okay.” 

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Despite acknowledging his injury, Anthony would go on to play through the pain; believing he could cure his ailment with stretches and exercises learned through “YouTube University.”

It wasn’t until much later he’d find out it was a stress fracture at the fourth lumbar.

The story changed for Anthony upon attending college at St Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. Studying exercise science with an emphasis on human performance and fitness, he also found a home at a local gym with a legendary following. 

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He met a man named Vince who’d plant the seed of chiropractic medicine by telling Anthony that Chiropractic Medicine would be his “go-to” and that he’d love it. 

Believing he’d be able to figure out the cause and solution for all his injuries, not only was Anthony motivated to pursue chiropractic medicine, he was all in. 

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Anthony goes on to share important advice that impacts most Americans regarding our sitting habits. Especially post pandemic. Placing an emphasis on movement, he shares insights that offer a valuable perspective on the importance of moving our bodies.

“We should be moving. When we're getting to the context of neurology, our body feeds on movement because that's more information going into our brain. It allows us to  understand our environment. That's one of the biggest things that the brain does.’

Tune in to hear more of Anthony’s story and learn about his innovative approach to chiropractic medicine.