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TFOCB Podcast | Episode | Vero Perez
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The Face of Community & Business is for those who value meaningful relationships and community. Apply now for consideration to be a guest on one of our 30+ shows. 

TFOCB Host | Ramiro Muñoz

Podcast Host | Ramiro Muñoz

TFOCB Host | Eric Boss

Podcast Host | Eric Boss

TFOCB Podcast | Episode | Sarah Fraggis

Podcast Host | Sarah Fraggis

TFOCB Host | Imran Khan

Podcast Host | Imran Khan

Wealth Redefined | Guest Episode | Karli Nutter
wealth redefined logo

So many of us have been programmed to believe that wealth is tied to your bank account. The truth is that true wealth is tied to the health of our body, mind and relationships. It's up to us to tend to each and our guests discuss exactly how in this breakthrough podcast. 

The Chicagoan | Hosted Episode | Alicia Dale + Steve Ferkau
The Chicagoan Logo

From fests to politics, we'll talk to Chicagoans about the many reasons we love our city. Through a mix of topics and guests, we get real about all things Chicago.

The Chicagoan | Guest Episode | Meiling Jin

The Chicagoan | Meiling Jin

The Chicagoan | Guest Episode | Artisha Moore

The Chicagoan | Artisha Moore

The Chicagoan | Guest Episode | Pooja Naik

The Chicagoan | Pooja Naik

EVOKED | Hosted Episode | Estefanía Galvan + Tuan Jones

Music and Art are an expression of an artist's perspective on life and help shape our perspective on reality. Connect with creatives of every nature to understand and deepen your appreciation of their talents. 

EVOKED | Hosted Episode | Alicia Dale + Linda Horton

Linda Horton | Photographer

EVOKED | Guest Episode | TEEL One

Teel One | Artist

EVOKED | Guest Episode | Anamari The Singer

Anamari | Singer, Songwriter, Performer

ProFitness | Hosted Episode | Imran Khan - Zeeshan Ali
ProFitness Logo - dark

The ProFitness Podcasts features experienced professionals who have a genuine passion for for helping you on your fitness journey.

ProFitness | Guest Episode | Susana Solano

Susy Solano | Personal Trainer

ProFitness | Guest Episode | Paulina Romo

Paulina Romo | Personal Trainer

ProFitness | Hosted Episode | Milton Alvarez

Milton Alvarez | Performance Coach

CEO Roundtable | Guest Episode | Sara Fraggis
CEO Roundtable | Logo [dark]

CEOs know the path to success is paved with obstacles and failures. They also know it's lit with mentors who've helped them along the way. The CEO Roundtable invites leaders who have experienced the ups and downs of business, and life, to bring your the wisdom you need to learn from their collective experience.

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Chef Lucas Trahan: A Passion for Cooking and Creativity

TFOCB Studios -  
10 January 2023

Latin Fusion with Amilcar De Silva

TFOCB Studios -  
20 December 2022
Real Estate Moguls | Host Episode | Jennie Raymer | Jaymi Block
Real Estate Moguls | Podcast & Talk Show [logo dark]

The world of real estate is ever changing. As interest rates fluctuate, and the market heats up Real Estate Moguls teach you how to get the most out of your investment. 

Real Estate Moguls | Guest Episode | Andre Haynes

Andre Haynes | Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Moguls | Host Episode | Imran Khan | Big City Optical-1

Big City Optical | with Imran Khan

Real Estate Moguls | Host Episode | Jason Finn - Marjorie Allabastro

Marjorie Allabastro [hosted by] Jason Finn

The Legal Network | Hosted Episode | Alicia Dale | Mathew Kerbis
the legal network logo

The Legal Community can be extremely difficult terrain to navigate if you've never had to deal with it before. Thankfully for our legal professionals, now you don't have to. They'll arm you with confidence to address any legal issue in your personal or professional life.

The Legal Network | Guest Episode | Mark Grzymala

Mark Grzymala | Construction

The Legal Network | Guest Episode | Mohammad Owaynat

Mohammad Owaynat | Personal Injury

The Legal Network | Guest Episode | Mo Dadkhah

Mo Dadkhah | Real Estate

Savvy Brokers Club


Emma Butler: Revolutionizing the Mortgage Lending Industry

TFOCB Studios -  
10 March 2023
Emma Butler, a renowned mortgage lender, joined the Savvy Brokers Club to share her insights on the mortgage lending industry and her approach to building relationships. Emma ...

Javier Garcia: Simplifying Mortgages and Demystifying the Process

TFOCB Studios -  
6 March 2023
On this episode of the Savvy Brokers Club Podcast, Javier Garcia, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending at The Federal Savings Bank, shares his journey in the mortgage ...

Henry Gomez, VP of Mortgage Lending on Personal Growth and Business ...

TFOCB Studios -  
8 February 2023
Henry Gomez, VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, shares his journey of traveling the world and connecting with people on a deeper level.  In 2020, Henry left the industry ...
Event Producers Network | [hosted by] Estefania Galvan - Paulina Herrera
Event Producers | Logo

Event producers and event planners converse and share their expertise to help you  plan your next event for maximum impact. 

The Sommelier | Episode | Vinitaly
the sommelier logo

Unless you've worked in the industry you probably have little idea of the beverages you drink.  A bottle is not a book you want to judge by its cover, so let the pros offer up some expert advice.

The Sommelier | Episode | Kristy Wenz

Kristy Wenz  | Content Creator

The Sommelier | Episode | Alexandra Thomas

Alexandra Thomas | Sommelier

The Sommelier | Episode | Evie Olson

Evie Olson | Sommelier

Style Interpreted | Episode Cover | Estefanía Galvan
Style Interpreted Logo [dark]

When it comes to establishing your personal brand, it's key to identify your look. Local fashion experts come together to give you the latest trends and how to dress to impress. No matter the look you're going for, there's something for you.

Alined | Guest Episode | Vero Perez
The Alined Podcast

Connecting barbers, stylists and aestheticians with people who love the culture and community they represent. Fall in love with the barbers, stylists  and aestheticians in your community on the Alined Podcast.

Cultured Cannabis | Guest Episode | Phil Cooper
cultured cannabis logo dark

The amount of information available on this now legal plant can seem overwhelming to anyone. We bring experts and consumers together to create  a cultured cannabis experience. 

Cultured Cannabis | Guest Episode | Madeline Scanlon

Madeline Scanlon | Brightfield Group

Cultured Cannabis | Guest Episode | Manny Mendoza

Manny Mendoza | Herbal Notes

Cultured Cannabis | Episode Fabian Limon

Fabian Limon | Greenspoon Marder, LLP

Host Video Watermark | rebekah carlson
the science of business development logo

The Science of Business Development Podcast breaks down the fundamentals of success in business by seasoned experts.


The Face of Community & Business is for those who value meaningful relationships and community. Apply now for consideration to be a guest on one of our 30+ shows.