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Think of any neighborhood and a perception of that community comes to mind. When it's vibrant, it shows in the pride and passion that resides within each resident, business and institution. The Chicagoan tells the stories of the individuals that allow each neighborhood to thrive.

We're there to help communities use the tools and resources we provide to establish and maintain meaningful connections within each neighborhood and suburb. 

Regular discussions are another format to establish a unified sense of community and to create an ongoing dialogue amongst residents about the doings and developments in your area.

TFOCB Feature - Eduardo Cisneros

We give each influencer the tools needed to bring residents and businesses together in each community like never before. 

TFOCB Feature - Katrina Roddy

Influencers feature neighborhood residents and businesses on the local chapter of The  Face of Chicago Business.

TFOCB Feature - Brandon Burrell

Influencers work together to promote local businesses and co-create events with members of the community.

TFOCB Feature - Alexis Rodriguez

Together we'll create a lasting legacy in our communities by producing a wealth of engaging content and events. 

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We're excited to meet Chicago's top professionals. If you have a story worth sharing, we want to hear from you... apply now!