Taste of Randolph '22

Posted by Alexis Rodriguez on Jun 20, 2022 8:00:00 AM

It’s been over two years since Chicago’s West Loop has been able to celebrate the Taste of Randolph Street festival. For most, it has felt like an eternity. However, this past weekend, June 18-19, the festival was resurrected in time to celebrate its 25th anniversary and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

From Peoria to Racine, Randolph St hosted local West Loop restaurants, retail, dispensaries, and more. Strolling down the street you could pick up a slice at Forno Rosso (located on Randolph and Aberdeen), a burger from neighborhood favorite Black Barrel Tavern and wash it down with some Sangria or an ice cold beer.

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The energy was palpable. The Face of Community and Business crew arrived on scene right as the fest opened at 12pm Saturday. Within an hour, we were shoulder to shoulder with people hungry for Taste of Randolph after its two-year hiatus. People tried on clothes created and designed by local vendors, perused jewelry, tried samples of local CBD products, hair products, teas, hot sauces, olive oils and more. 

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After speaking with some of the vendors, it was clear they too were excited and elated at being back on Randolph Street getting to share such a beautiful weekend with their neighbors. Some of the restaurants in attendance like Gino’s and Marty’s even whipped up a special menu for the occasion. Gino told us they decided to cater to vegetarians with this year’s Taste of Randolph menu.

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On both the East and West ends of the festival, stages were erected to highlight some amazing local talent. Bands started at 12pm and played well into the evening. There was something for everyone to enjoy and dance along to.