Jasmine Hernandez’s Journey: Inspiring Latina Leadership

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Nov 15, 2023 8:00:00 AM

In the latest episode of "The Face of Latina Professionals," Jasmine Hernandez, the CEO and founder of Ubuntu Strategies, captivates listeners with her journey from a Chicago neighborhood to the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success. Her story, infused with wisdom, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, offers profound insights and inspiration.

The Face of Latina Professionals | Guest Episode | Jasmine Hernandez

Raised in Chicago’s diverse landscapes, Jasmine's roots in Hermosa and Humboldt Park shaped her early worldview. Her academic journey at NOBLE, a network of charter schools, laid the foundation for her commitment to education and mentorship. "They supported my transition from high school to college, being first-generation... ensuring I was provided the most opportunities," Jasmine recalls. 

This support system played a critical role in her pursuit of higher education, studying biology and environmental studies with a focus on education.

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Her career began with a focus on educational support for students like herself, evolving into roles like assistant dean and alumni counselor. Jasmine’s reflection on her identity also played a pivotal role. "I've actually felt almost this disconnect with being Latina and being able to identify as Puerto Rican," she shares. This personal exploration of cultural identity and heritage is a testament to the complex nature of self-identification many Latinas navigate.

Transitioning from education to entrepreneurship, Jasmine’s path was anything but linear. Facing challenges head-on, she embraced each obstacle as a learning opportunity. "I think the biggest thing...is to bet on your life's work," she advises. This mindset shift is vital for anyone considering entrepreneurship, especially for those in the Latina community, often grappling with traditional expectations and fear of the unknown.

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Jasmine's story is a beacon for embracing one's identity, culture, and personal aspirations. Her experience in Guatemala, learning Spanish and immersing herself in a different Latino culture, was transformative. "It allowed me to tap into the Spanish I wanted to learn and really tighten it up," she reflects.

Her entrepreneurial journey with Ubuntu Strategies symbolizes her belief in human connection over labels. The name 'Ubuntu', embodying community and mutual support, mirrors Jasmine's philosophy in business and life.


Throughout the podcast, Jasmine offers invaluable advice for aspiring Latina professionals. Emphasizing the importance of mentorship, she shares, "It's really just sharing your experience and then allowing them to take what they see as valuable." This approach highlights the significance of learning from others' experiences, a crucial element for personal and professional growth.

Jasmine Hernandez's journey is more than an entrepreneurial success story; it's a narrative of identity, resilience, and empowerment. Her experiences, insights, and advice serve as a guiding light for anyone aspiring to make a mark in their field, particularly for those in the Latina community.