Our First Happy Hour

Posted by The Face of Latina Professionals on Jul 29, 2021 8:00:00 AM

The Face of Latina Professionals hosted our first Happy Hour to bring a community of trailblazing women together to support one another in our careers and lives. It was an evening filled with new friendships, reconnections and celebrations of our shared Latina culture.

Our motivation for meeting in this way is rooted in a belief that it’s our duty to encourage and uplift the amazing Latina women of Chicago and across the globe. This month, we presented our very first Latina Leader Awards to the co-founders of L.E.E.N. [ Latina Entrepreneur and Executive Network ], Martha Tovias and Paola Meinzer. 

Latina Happy Hour July 21 collage

Martha and Paola, both entrepreneurs and executives in their own right, established this group of women to provide a space where Latinas in Chicago can come together and connect over business, and golf! They each highlighted the importance of creating our own seat at the table when it comes to our careers and the value of aligning with a community that are there for the good times as much as the bad ones.

We also heard from Neli Vazquez, founder and president of A Safe Haven, a non-profit organization aimed at helping end homelessness. The work Neli and her team are doing is truly incredible and ongoing!

latina professionals cover

Our host, Alexis Rodriguez brought us home pointing out the false narrative that is the imposter syndrome - which so many Latinas face. It is now our time to rewrite our narrative as a group of powerful women and it is only the beginning !

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