Account Executive | Ania Pulit

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Sep 6, 2022 8:00:00 AM

As an Account Executive with Landtrust Title Services. Ania Pulit does more than just provide underwriting for real estate transactions. She really enjoys building relationships with people and being a connector in Real Estate. 

Real Estate Moguls | Ania Pulit

She joins us to share her story and the work she provides, behind the scenes of every real estate transaction. 

“The biggest reason why I was attracted to real estate was just not the work, but at the same time, it was the aspect of the relationships you build along the way. If you also like the industry, and you're having fun with what you're doing, then you don't work a day in your life.”

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Having moved to Chicago from Poland when she was 16, Ania was thrust into learning the language at an accelerated pace. While a funny story to share now, she shares how a mixup of grades placed her in an advanced English course in her first American school.

“When I moved here, I had to take a placement test for my high school. One was for math and the other one was for English. I knew I did really well with math. I wasn't too sure about English. When I received my schedule, little did I understand what advanced journalism class meant. 

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I happily went to that class expecting it was the ESL level class. The first couple of weeks were very rough. My first homework assignment was to write a 40 line poem about America. It wasn't an easy assignment. Probably made me cry the first day  um, but I thought maybe they just need me to learn English much quicker than I was used to.

When my mom went to a parent teacher conference, the teacher realized that I'd been in the country for just a month; where he was under the impression I’d been there two years. So, he was pretty tough on me. 

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Once he found out that it was just a month, he took his own time to help me out and get a kickstart with my English. He didn't want to let me go back to ESL, and I have to say that it helped me a whole lot to pick up English much quicker.”

Tune in to hear more on Ania’s story and how she helps Real Estate Clients, Attorneys and Agents behind the scenes of every real estate transaction.