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Posted by Jaymi Block on Nov 16, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Ever since Jaymi Block was a young child, she always knew she wanted to be a doctor. She  pursued and received a degree in molecular biology. Yet it’s what would happen shortly after graduation that would change the course of her career and life. She joins us to share her story of overcoming adversity, pain and hardship on her path towards success in real estate. 

Real Estate Moguls | Jaymi Block

“I was hit by a drunk driver and it pretty much changed my course. I didn't realize I didn't have health insurance, so when I went to get services I needed, like rehabilitation on my knees and things like that, I was turned away. I distinctly recall the nurses and the admin saying, ‘Honey, our doctors need to get paid.’

I was young, just turned 22, and I was kind of confused, right? I didn't really realize that aspect of insurance. So I asked myself, ‘Can I really truly get into an industry where I'm able to help people and yet have to turn them away due to not having insurance or money?’”

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After spending some time selling insurance and working with a headhunter, Jaymi attended a one week course in real estate and shortly after was a licensed Realtor. Yet it’s her story as a single mom of four kids, overcoming domestic violence and adversity that she feels is her highest calling. 

“I just feel we all have our gifts and I really strongly believe one of my strongest gifts is having a strong voice…

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…I guess major ways to help someone is helping them find resources or just being that lending ear. Saying you can do it. Being that example that it can be done.”

Tune in as Jaymi shares the journey she’s been on that is full of wisdom and positivity, all while building a successful real estate business.