Real Estate Broker | Maggie Power

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Oct 24, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Having worked for 25 years for corporate attorneys in the financial industry, Maggie Power is extremely loyal to those she works with. Now a Real Estate Broker with Real People Realty, she joins us to discuss her journey from corporate life to real estate entrepreneurship. 

Real Estate Moguls | Maggie Power

“I started working with my cousins who are home renovators. They flip houses for a living and they said ‘Why don't you come work with us for a little bit until you decide what you want to do?’ 

That's when I decided that I wanted to do real estate.”

The Modern Spirituality Podcast

The youngest of eight children, her spiritual upbringing has been a close part of Maggie’s identity to this day. 

“My parents were amazing parents. They were very involved in the church. My dad was a deacon in the Catholic church and they were always actively involved in church constantly. I was always with them and my dad used to go visit sick people to bring them communion and he’d go pray with people.”

The Chicagoan

Tune in to hear more on Maggie’s transition from corporate life to finding success in real estate.