Zachary Koran

Posted by TFOCB Studios on January 16, 2023 at 8:00 AM

Zach Koran joins us on The Face of Community & Business Podcast to discuss the start of his business, Dwellish, which partners with landlords to design, stage, and host Airbnb properties. TFOCB Podcast | Episode | zachary Koran

Zach and his girlfriend began the business this summer and have already gained almost five properties under their management. Dwellish takes care of the design and staging of the properties to make them Airbnb-ready and handles the hosting and management of the rentals.

They are planning to add more in the near future, particularly as the spring market approaches and travel to Chicago, where they are based, becomes more popular. 

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Zach also opens up about the impact of his recovery from substance abuse and his relationship with his son. He attributes the tools he has gained from recovery with helping him grow exponentially in all areas of his life, including as a father.

He is able to be more honest, less reactive, and better able to understand and be supportive because of the skills he has learned in recovery.

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Zach also discusses the importance of addressing emotions and creating connections in the brain that help individuals want to address them, rather than running from them. 

Zach advises others who are struggling with substance abuse and trying to be responsible parents to seek out support and recovery resources.

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Tune in to hear more on how Zach has grown with the experiences he’s gone through both personally and professionally and the wisdom gained from them.



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