Steal Your Skills from Corporate [Katrina Roddy]

Posted by Greg DeKalb on Jun 14, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Greg DeKalb of CEO and Co-Founder of Appointments IQ and Tony P’s Networking Events chats with Katrina Roddy, CEO and Author of “Steal Your Skills from Corporate: Use Your Professional Talents to Become an Independent Contractor.” The two discuss strategies Katrina learned in her storied career in the corporate insurance world and how those can be applied to today’s entrepreneurial skill sets. 

While computers and smoke-free work environments are expected, we rarely give thought to a time when it wasn’t so. Katrina reflects on how different times bred a much different culture than you’d see today and how it helped shape her in business today.

“The world has evolved. I remember when fax machines came out, I'm really dating myself, but I remember all of these things. It makes such a significant impact now, because I can remember when we had to do things manually. We had to think through things before.”

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Yet despite the cultural and technological differences Katrina has experienced throughout her career, she maintains a curiosity that’s allowed her to pursue new opportunities. 

“I've always been a curious person and that just helps us grow. I started to expand and ask more questions. How do I get to that department? What does that department do? 

Then I ended up in corporate insurance where I'm looking at accounts that are corporations and I'm like, I didn't even realize they needed insurance like this. 

I worked in the big houses and I just continued to progress into different roles and kept moving untilI was pretty much a pillar in the industry by the time I left. “

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It was through those experiences that Katrina based the teachings in her book. Though the book focuses on skills acquired from corporate work experiences, she’s quick to point out that life experiences can prove equally valuable.

“Just your ability to talk to CEOs of companies and have communication with them. Those are transferable skills and people don't realize these are things you have that you've built along the way. I don't care if you got them when you were younger or you got them through your household or corporate, because corporate could actually be a metaphor for life. 

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I started learning through networking that I had some things that maybe some other entrepreneurs were seeking, because they would ask me ‘Could you help us budget?’”

Tune in to hear more on Greg and Katrina’s conversation that could help you uncover skills you already possess to help you gain the confidence you need to reach your goals.



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