The Consulate General of Argentina in Chicago | Beatriz Vivas

Posted by Paola Meinzer on Nov 10, 2022 8:00:00 AM

With the world’s 8th largest economy (third in Latina America), Beatriz Vivas has the honor and responsibility of representing Argentina and assisting their citizens throughout the Midwest. She joins Paola Meinzer to share more on what makes her country beautiful and how her career in diplomacy began. 

The Face of Latina Professionals - 014 The Consulate General of the Republic of Argentina in Chicago hosted by Paola Meinzer

Part of Beatriz’s job is to promote tourism in Argentina, but also to create awareness for American companies working in Argentina to export foods found in your everyday cuisine. 

“I would love to host an Argentinian wine demonstration. Malbec is a really strong player, the quality is extremely high and the price is very reasonable. It's  a wine with depth and different fruits. You can taste the fruits and also the wood in which it’s stored in the last part of the cultivation process.”

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With their shared love for Malbec, the idea of creating a tasting event creates more than just conversation about wine. It creates an awareness of how Argentinian cuisine and culture have already found their way into everyday American life. Much to the surprise of most people. 

Beatriz is here to make the Consulate a meeting point for our community and provide a service that serves its constituents. In the same manner, her office promotes Argentinian culture through the several festivals in the region. However, tourism and awareness haven’t always been part of her job. 

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“I went to law school at the beginning. I started practicing law, but after some time I realized that there were some issues where I was interested that needed to be addressed in a more global way.

So, I joined the foreign service and was sent to different countries where I had the opportunity to be involved in matters of global crime. It is a very interesting journey, because when you're doing diplomacy you are not practicing the same kind of business for many years.”

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Tune in to hear more about Argentina and how Beatriz has navigated her career in diplomacy; through all its triumphs and adversities.



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