Content Creator | Rocío Villalva

Posted by TFOCB Studios on Jul 20, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Rocío Villalva has made her name for herself in Chicago, by creating content for Spanish speaking residents of the city. 

The Face of Latina Professionals | Guest Episode | Rocío Villalva

Arriving in a new country with no one to plug her into the social circles, Rocio would stay home all day with her sister, until her parents would come home late from work. Making matters worse, she had a difficult time finding content in Spanish to help her navigate her new city. 

Though as Rocio recalls, once she did go out she noticed that she didn't necessarily fit in. Whether perceived, or otherwise, she doesn’t want anyone else to feel that way and offers heartfelt advice for those struggling to find their place or fit in. 

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“Anyone who's listening to this, if you have ever felt like you are different, or you were told that you shouldn't be somewhere, because you're different.

Just know that you are allowed to be wherever you want to be. Even though you might feel different, be there, and enjoy your time.”

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Battling depression and grappling with the loss of her friend, Rocio would set out to use her talents and creativity to help others in similar situations. Though she didn’t have a game plan, she knew she wanted to do something to honor the memory of her late friend.

“It wasn’t until my friend passed away, like my coolest friend, he was ‘chido’ and ‘chido’ means cool. It's more about vibing coolness. I had this pain and then it was like a revelation for me. I’ve heard that when you go through really hard times, awesome things can come from them.

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I had this kind of revelation that I should do this. I should do this in memory of my friend.”

Tune in to connect with Rocio and her story to learn how’s she’s created a community of followers, exploring the city together, through her platforms.