Maribel Garcia

Posted by The Face of Latina Professionals on Feb 23, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Maribel Garcia joins us on this episode of The Face of Latina Professionals Podcast. 

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Maribel is the founder of Break the Silence Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to helping the victims of domestic violence. Not only women, but men, the entire family and even people’s neighbors.

“I'm a survivor and that really ignited the desire, the passion, and the fire to open an organization to help others.”

Maribel talks about how oftentimes when you are a childhood victim of abuse and that’s all you know, you can easily grow up to choose the wrong life partner. That is what happened to her as she shares how her first husband was incredibly abusive to the point she tried to end her life. 

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“It's something that just happened because I wanted to end my emotional pain, which was worse than the physical pain.”

After jumping from a building and surviving, Maribel woke up in a hospital bed promising God that she would do whatever she could to try and help others in the same situation as she had been in. Despite getting many doors slammed in her face as she was getting started, she remained persistent, confident that this was God’s path for her life.

Today, Maribel has an incredible Board of Directors that work around the clock to help support the organization. 

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Maribel goes on to discuss how Latinas more than any other group of women she’s seen have the tendency to allow fear to paralyze them in cases of domestic violence. 

“It just only takes one. One to say enough, we can do this, let's move on. Let's join forces. Let's believe, let's have faith. Since we’ve started this movement it's about empowerment.”

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Tune in to this episode of The Face of Latina Professionals Podcast to hear so much more about Maribel’s story of trauma and triumph and how she is paving the way to help so many other women and families who have fallen victim to domestic violence.